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Winning entry for the theme 'Growth' in the March 2020 Bournemouth Uni game jam!


Global warming and the environment are quite literally one of the hottest topics of today. The destruction of the environment in search of increased profits has been a limitless endeavour for a long time...until now!

Face off in a fierce battle for the Amazon rainforest in this 1v1 realtime strategy game. Fight for its preservation or the juicy land that hides beneath it! Grow your influence over the map and try to take over as much as you can before the time runs out!

Challenges and things I learned:

It takes a well oiled team and/or plenty of humility to efficiently brainstorm for ideas around the given theme. It's really easy to slip into a heated debate about an idea even before it's fully laid out, and I have no doubts that this will stop others from sharing their ideas. I will be testing out new ways of gathering everyone's input before discussing potential solutions.

Once the idea is settled, planning the whole game in advance can have huge benefits, and using project management tools such as Trello will most likely boost your team's performance. Defining tasks clearly and assigning them ahead of time will give more focus to everyone's work and avoid any confusion that could waste time.

Even after so many game jams, I often find it hard to part with tasks I wanted to do, or to overlook obvious problems in favour of implementing the essentials of the game. Being a perfectionist, I was painfully aware of all the little issues we hadn't managed to iron out before submission, and I was quite surprised when we were announced the winner for the jam. I'm once again reminded that most people will likely not notice problems you thought were obvious.



  • Ieuan Rees

  • William Altbacker

3D modelling and Level design:

  • Hugh Chigorimbo

UI and Effects:

  • Maria Tozo

  • Freya Brightwater


  • Freya Brightwater

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