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Big Leap


A quick 48 hour game for the 2017 February BU game jam. The idea behind it is simple. It is a take on the classic dodge-them genre, with an added twist: there are 2 players. One's placing the obstacles, the other has to dodge them. The theme of the jam was 'global', hence the planetary setting.


Challenges and new things I learned:

I had some fun with creating a spherical object scattering algorithm for randomly generated levels. It taught me some interesting things about transformations and the different spaces. This was also one of my first attempts at implementing an animator controller in Unity. Being the only programmer in the team, it was my job to implement this along with all other visual effects - using of course the art from my teammates.

William David Altbacker - programming
Thomas Mouilleron, Matt Archer - Modelling
Gudny Hannesdottir - Environmental 2D art
Alina Vilhjalmsdottir - UI & Producer
Music used in trailer from Biggi Hilmans, and Eleque

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