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A whacky little programmer entry to the last BU games jam, made by 3 programmers. It's a physics based cooperative arcade game, where the goal is simple, but the way towards can get tricky. In this four player game you control a table and you each control one of the legs. You can nudge that leg in any horizontal direction and up. You have to work together with your other leg comrades to achieve the ultimate goal: leave the house.

Challenges and things I learned:

This game jam was one of the most memorable to me, as it showed how powerful a fun game mechanic can be, no matter how simple it is. I had made a prototype of the game in about 2 hours. The other 46 were only about refining this prototype and building a game around it. It taught me not to think complex, but think fun; and these are not the same.



  • William Altbacker

  • Connor Bruty

  • Jakub Szlachcic

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