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The players view while playig The Advetures of Hubert the Bear

Helpers' view

The helpers' view while playing The Adventures of Hubert the Bear

The adventures of Hubert the bear


An elaborate 2D platformer made entirely in C++ using SDL. The game requires cooperation and coordination through an interesting little feature. The game is to be played on 2 screens, only one of which is for the player's eyes. The other is to be looked at very thoroughly by (a) helper(s) for any signs of evil. The theme was 'dreams' and the game is about avoiding the horrors of a nightmare with the help of onlookers and find your teddy, Hubert.

Challanges and things I learned:

As my second encounter with SDL and C++ based game development I gained some invaluable insight into controlling 2D sprites, sprite-sheet animation, and also using git as source control.

William David Altbacker, Ieuan Rees - Games Programmer

Harvey Jones, Georgina Markey - Art/Animation/Games Programmer

Jack Burton, Karl Ward - Levels/Games Programmer

Player's view

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