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In the 2018 Global Game Jam, I was lucky enough to get in a team with some of my course mates to make the game 'Transmaze'. The event's theme was 'transmission', which we interpreted in a physical sense. The player has to get out of a maze through a combination locked door. All the numbers of the combination are scattered throughout the level in hidden rooms. But how do we know where these are? Well we use our transmission scanner of course. It reveals hidden doors and their respective switches for a short duration. This in itself would be rather easy and boring, so to spice things up there are guards patrolling the maze trying to stop you from solving the combination. The game can be downloaded along with the source on the GGJ website:

Challenges and things I learned:

In a team with 3 other programmers, making this game was probably the most educational development session I have taken part in. Any problems I faced, I had 3 other like minded people to discuss it with. If I had to choose something I would say the most important knowledge gained was to do with AI programming, state machines and path-finding. I was the one who created the light trails that reveal connections between doors and switches in the game, and they are based on Unity's navigation system.




  • William Altbacker

  • Ieuan Rees

  • Pete Allen

  • Jakub Szlachcic

Art & Animations:


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