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Welcome to Your New Home AtBournemouth Uni


You've been accepted to uni and enrolled! It's move in day! Act fast to claim as much of the student house as possible before the other 3 players do by spreading your posessions out. You can chuck outhers' things out if it's getting a bit too crowded or you really need that space. We've all been there.

The player with the most territory claimed at the end of each round wins!

Challenges and things I learned:

It is very important to have a strong mechanic for a game jam game to start out with. It's often worth simplifying the idea behind the game to give you more time to polish the main mechanic. 

This was my first proper encounter with 2D game making. I am not very well practiced in making 2D art, but we had someone on the team who did. The programming was really enjoyable. I was responsible for implementing the area of effect(AOE) for each object, as well as their interaction with each other. These would represent each player's 'territory' by colouring in a certain circular area around each of their posessions. I found a nice way to use a sprite mask to simulate the AOE spheres cutting into each other if two objects came too close. I also found a fairly simple way of keeping score by isolating the AOE spheres from the rest of the scene, and counting the number of pixels of each colour periodically. It worked reasonably well given that RGB only has three components that can be isolated and I had 4 players to deal with.




  • William Altbacker

  • Pete Allen


  • Georgina Markey

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